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Farella Capri X Le Morandine. The cuschions collection.

The Le Morandine, has become the starting point for a "four-handed" collaboration with the historical atelier Farella Capri, a workshop which, on the island of Capri, has been making high fashion knitwear and handcrafted weaving with fine yarns for over 30 years.

Sonia Pedrazzini, author of the Le Morandine, grew up in Capri and she has always known the Farella sisters and their “slow fashion”, made of precious intertwining wool, cashmere and silk, to rediscover tradition in a contemporary way.

On the occasion of an exhibition on the island, at the Zoom Gallery, Sonia and the Farellas have meet each other again and have discovered that they have in common a certain vision of the world, the passion for their work and the aesthetic sense of those who have always lived in this magical place.

From the successful collaboration, first was born a small series of cashmere dresses and pullovers and then a capsule collection of textile furnishing accessories, cushions and plaids, which reflect - in a continuous game of references - the art of still life "alla Morandi ”; still lifes or details of them, between graphics and design, fashion and craftsmanship.

The cushions, handmade by the Farellas with the jacquard technique, are in pure cotton knitwear and follow the well-known silhouettes of the Le Morandine vases. The backside of the cushion is in cotton canvas finished with a velvet cord, the cover is removable and complete with a zipper, the padding is hypoallergenic. The cushions are available in three formats and sizes, the colors of this first series are Perla, Carta da zucchero, Mango and Black.

Since everything is handcrafted, color customizations can be made upon request.


FRONT 100% Cotton knitwear - BACK: cotton canvas - PADDING: Polyester

Hand wash 30 ° C - ironing <110 ° C - not bleachable - flat drying


Mango 949

Perla 555

Nero 560

Carta da zucchero 973

Farella Capri is an Italian luxury knitwear and weaving workshop, born on the island of Capri in 1990. Founded by four sisters united by the passion for design and tradition, it focuses on the production of handcrafted garments and the selection of fine yarns such as cashmere, silk and merino wool. Capable of enclosing the colorful Mediterranean world and the country's textile culture in a single philosophy, the range of products ranges from the typical shawls with handmade Capri fringe to cardigans with contemporary lines. Each product, unique and customizable, is totally designed and made on the island of Capri, a place that we can easily recognize in the textures of the fabrics and in the colors of the garments.

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