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Artigianato e Palazzo

The Designer Studio.

In the gorgeous scenery of the Giardino Corsini in Florence, Sonia Pedrazzini participates in the XXVII edition of ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO and recreates, in the original Stanza dei Finimenti, the designer's studio, an emotional and intimate place where the designer will show the public her works andcreative process that led to the creation of Le Morandine.

ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO botteghe artigiane e loro committenze was created in 1995, the brainchild of Neri Torrigiani and with the patronage of Princess Giorgiana Corsini. Its primary objective was to take a new look and provide a contemporary context for craftspeople and their crafts. The exhibition, now produced by the Corsini Garden Association of which Sabina Corsini is president, while sinking its premises in the wake of the most ancient artisan tradition, aims to highlight the contemporary nature of craftsmanship. The exhibitors, selected each year by the Organization and coming from all over Italy, are encouraged to give live demonstrations of the techniques in which they excel. Throughout the exhibition, visitors discover how artisans create their objects by hand by watching them work in the small workshops erected in the Garden and Orangeries.

The 27th edition of ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO scheduled from Thursday 16 to Sunday 19 September 2021 is back with an original and hands-on edition which will also involve the publicin moments of life experienced in the Garden of the Palace, moving from historical evocation to a contemporary reality linked to manual activities.

In this sumptuous context, Sonia Pedrazzini will set up the ancient Sala dei Finimenti recreating the designer's studio. A hybrid, pulsating, warm place where thoughts and objects will mix to feed each other. The Morandine will be the protagonists at the center of this physical and mental scenario. It will be possible to see the preparatory studies and sketches, touch the prototypes, choose the colors, the shapes, leaf through the books on Morandi, discuss with the designer about art and design, about Morandi and his world. And as in a circular and seamless path, from the creative chaos of the design phase, concrete objects will emerge simultaneously: the vases in different shapes and shades; the cushions woven by the historic Farella Capri knitwear lab; the candles, the first authentic Morandine in limited edition; the new prints on paper series reproducing the most beautiful still life shots for those who want an artwork on the wall.

The designer's studio is an emotional room where you can immerse yourself in order to amplify your understanding of the creative project of Le Morandine. Anyone who approaches these small domestic sculptures knows that he will be able to interact with them arranging them according to infinite variations, experimenting with new compositions, with the same freedom with which Morandi placed his objects before immortalizing them on the canvas.

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