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The Candles

In 1998 Sonia was invited to design a collection of candles for a well-known design company and proposed Le Morandine inspired by the shapes and colors of Morandi's objects. However, they did not go through with the project. The designer then decided to carry on with her work and to complete the project independently, thus creating the eponymous brand, a space of free experimentation between art and design. The candles, in a limited edition of 300 sets, are handcrafted and feature a particular scratched “canvas" texture, that resembles the opaque and luminous effect of Morandi's paintings; they come in a precious box. The box lid bears a hot stamped white logo, echoing the circular motif of the pattern. Each box is stamped and signed by the author.


Four shapes, eight colors, unlimited positions. Every day, anyone can create their own ideal composition, their own perfect still life "à la Morandi"


The limited edition of 300 candle sets is no longer in production.

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