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Crypto Design. From handmade to NFTs. The new collaboration between Le Morandine and the digital artist Donato Locantore

In the WITHOUT US project, born from a collaboration between visual artist Donato Locantore and Italian designer Sonia Pedrazzini, the iconic Le Morandine vases become the protagonists in a series of digital works, and join the world of crypto art via NFT* technology. The series is available on one of the most well known NFT sale auction websites,

WITHOUT US represents post-human places (hence the title); abandoned and decadent spaces where primeval natural forces and artificial elements oppose each other. The first two works in the series, Nature Takes Over and Balance, were made in late 2020.

Balance, is a still-life reimagined in a contemporary digital style. The precious metallic vases are the only survivors in a precarious balance, and seem to reveal all the fragility of an endangered world.

In Nature Takes Over, we witness as nature reclaims ancient man-made spaces and artifacts in its eternal struggle to flourish.

Without Us is produced by TIC Media Art, a Rome-based innovative startup which specializes in virtual reality and 3d visualization (

Both NFT artworks are now up for auction on the platform, where it will be possible to win the original digital pieces through a bidding process similar to that of an art auction.

* Thanks to the Ethereum Blockchain network, NFT (non-fungible token) technology is a system that enables creators to make a digital work unique i.e. the only one in existence, and to certify the owner of the work. The Ethereum Blockchain network keeps track of all creation, sale and purchase operations made in relation to the work.

Donato Locantore is an Italian 3d Visual Artist with a strong passion for photography, graphic design and architectural drawing. He has a Diploma of Art, a Master of Virtual Architecture and he specializes in CG. Beyond creating digital art work, he collaborates with startup TIC Media Art on a permanent basis.

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