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Art and design in Brera

For the reopening of museums after Covid lockdown, the designer Sonia Pedrazzini creator of the brand "Le Morandine", with his iconic collection homage to Giorgio Morandi, will reveal its poetic nature in a special and unique place in Milan, Bottega Brera, the elegant shop inside the museum "Pinacoteca di Brera" in Milan Via Brera 28.

Le Morandine,” Sonia Pedrazzini tells us “above all represent a conceptual work which, through the tools of design, reappropriates Giorgio Morandi’s poetics and compositional methodology to bring the objects which the master represented in his still life works back into three dimensions”.

This led initially to a limited edition of artistic candles, followed by a collection of ceramic vases, whose forms are, indeed, evocative of Morandi's still life paintings; they are a range of small accessories realised in the master's typical colour palette, characterised by the matt, chalky appearance of the day-to-day objects which the artist found and repainted before immortalising them in the waxy light of his paintings.

Le Morandine objects are not just simple vases but genuine high-design pieces, silent and austere yet iconic, almost magnetically so, and created with the specific intention of bringing people closer to Morandi's œuvre and way of working.

Those who approach these small domestic sculptures indeed know that they will be able to interact with them and arrange them in infinite variations, experimenting with new compositions in the same freedom with which the master arranged his objects before committing them to canvas.

Through this poetic collection of objects, a transfiguration of Morandi's painted bottles, each of us is able to “be” like the artist looking on at his intimate and yet universal world. “Let your gaze fall on these forms inspired by those used by the artist, Sonia Pedrazzini underscores, let them imbue you with their tonality, play with the light and shadow they create now it is your turn, you can do whatever you wish. You are now the artist, the director, the choreographer, the composer, the astronomer of this game of sidereal and yet domestic presences”.

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