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Volumnia Space, the Italian magnificence between classicism and contemporary.

A platform for art and design occupying the 3000 sqm of the Ex Sant'Agostino Church in Piacenza. A project initiated by gallerist Enrica De Micheli.

Mario Bellini’s “Camaleonda” sofa in dialogue with Le Morandine.

Volumnia is a terrific space for art and design that will inhabit the cavernous interior of a former church in the heart of Piacenza. With roots in the renaissance, it is a monumental and awe-inspiring space steeped in history, with rows of columns that spring dozens of meters into the air.

Le Morandine are displayed in the gorgeous space of the gallery, in dialogue with some of the most important historical pieces of Italian design.

Le morandine vases in conversation with “Lady” armchairs by Marco Zanuso

Enrica de Micheli, a gallerist with over 20 years of experience in antiques and design, is the initiator of the reactivation of this historic space through a broad range of activities including an exhibition space, a bistrot and year-round cultural program. Positioned within striking distance of all of northern Italy, Volumnia will be a key node in the national and international network of cross-disciplinary arts spaces and initiatives.

Come to Piacenza and visit Le Morandine, Volumnia and many other historical places in our beautiful city.

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